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Why Choose Schaeffer Eye Center for Your Contact Lens Care?

Schaeffer Eye Center’s Contact Lens Center of Excellence is dedicated to helping every patient find the right contacts to ensure healthy, accurate vision. If you are looking to get contact lenses, look no further than our vision center. Schaeffer Eye Center has the largest selection of products that include lenses for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses and specialty contact lenses that can help even the highest prescriptions.

Our eye care professionals go through a 33-step process to evaluate and determine the fit, comfort, and vision with each lens to ensure the best outcome. Contact lens health education is also a very important part of the evaluations so you can continue to wear your contacts safely. Avoiding bad habits such as sleeping in your contact is one tip that our optometrist stress. Learn more about what you can expect from your experience at our Contact Lens Center of Excellence from this video.

When you choose Schaeffer Eye Center for your vision needs, you get access to the most advance eye care in Alabama. Evolve your eyes by calling (888) 987-2020 today.

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