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September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

Strong eyesight is essential to doing well in any sport. Clear vision, the ability to focus, and strong peripheral and central vision can all help you improve your performance on the field, whether you are swinging a bat, hitting a hockey puck, or dunking a basketball. If you have suffered a concussion, you need to find the right rehabilitation program to ensure that your eyesight and reflexes make a full recovery. September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month, which means that it is a great time to visit Schaeffer Eye Center for an eye exam. Be sure to ask your eye doctor how eye exercises and training can benefit you.

No matter what your sport of choice is, Schaeffer Eye Center offers the vision exercises and training you need to keep your edge. We also use the latest and best tests for post-trauma impairment assessment, such as the King-Devick test. For more information on Schaeffer Eye Center’s SportsVision program call our office today at (888) 987-2020.

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