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What to Expect at a Contact Lens Exam

For decades, contact lenses have allowed countless individuals to enjoy clear vision without the need for eyeglasses. Whether you are a longtime glasses wearer who wants a change, or you are new to experiencing vision problems, an eye doctor in Hoover can help you find lenses that best meet your needs. A contact lens eye exam typically involves the following steps:

Vision Tests

Before you and your eye doctor discuss contact lenses, he must first assess the nature of your vision problems. This part of your examination typically includes a series of tests to determine the presence of a refractive error, as well as any other eye conditions. For instance, if you suffer from dry eye, it may impact your ability to wear contact lenses. If you have generally healthy eyes and are eligible for contacts, your eye doctor can then move forward with fitting you for your lenses.

Eye Assessment

Contact lenses fit over the corneas of the eyes. To ensure your best vision, your lenses must make proper contact with your eye surfaces. Your eye doctor can take precise measurements of your corneas to determine the size and curvature of your contacts. He might also size up other structures such as your irises or pupils before selecting the contact lenses that match your anatomical needs.

Lifestyle Questions

People with active lifestyles often prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses. While an important consideration, activity level is only one factor when determining the contact lenses that are right for you. During your eye exam, your eye doctor may ask about other daily habits as well. For instance, will daily cleaning of your contact lenses fit in with your normal routine? If not, you may be more suitable to disposable contacts that do not require as much maintenance.

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