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The Importance of Vision Exams in Sports Physicals

Optometrist performing Dilated Retinal Exam

If you have a child who wants to participate in sports, you’re probably aware that he first has to undergo a thorough physical exam performed by a physician. During a physical, a physician will evaluate your child’s general health and determine whether participating in a particular sport would put your child at risk. Before your child can participate in the sport of his choice, it’s also important for him to undergo a thorough vision exam.  

Eyewear Recommendations

During an eye exam, an optometrist will evaluate your child’s field of vision, the health of his retinas, and other factors that determine the quality of his sight. If your child is found to have a refractive disorder, or if the quality of his vision is otherwise below average, the optometrist will recommend corrective lenses. He may also recommend eyewear than can be worn while participating in sports.  

Protecting Your Child

If your child cannot see properly, he will have a difficult time on the field or court. For example, being unable to see a basketball or other players on the court is likely to result in an injury. If your child undergoes an eye exam and receives the proper eyewear recommendation from an optometrist, he’s much more likely to avoid a serious injury during play.  

Evaluating Concussions

A thorough eye exam prior to playing sports can also provide a baseline for visual ability. This can help detect any concussion injuries in the future. Working alongside sports medicine professionals, Schaeffer Eye Center is committed to the early detection and management of concussions.

The vision care experts at Schaeffer Eye Center are pleased to perform eye exams for young athletes in Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery. With a selection of over 3300 stylish frames, we’re bound to have a few options that suit your teen’s needs and style. Call our Hoover eye care center or request an appointment online.

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Available exclusively at Schaeffer Eye Center, the SALT brand is known for clean, simple lines and premium craftsmanship.

SportsVision: Improving Athletic Performance

Have you ever faced down a 90-mile-per-hour baseball, or a tennis serve that seemed to be propelled by rockets? Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, your vision is essential for athletic performance. After all, you can’t hit a baseball or return a serve that you just can’t see. At Schaeffer Eye Center in Hoover, we offer SportsVision exams to assess skills like dynamic visual acuity, visual concentration, and visual reaction time and show you how to improve your performance. Our Hoover eye care center also assesses injuries such as concussions that can affect your vision in both short- and long-term ways. Check out this Infographic to learn what vision skills you need for sports and to discover how a concussion can affect your vision as well as your overall health. Please share with your friends and fellow athletes.


Why Choose Schaeffer Eye Center

If you’re looking for high-quality eye care in the Birmingham area, you won’t do better than Schaeffer Eye Center. Dr. Jack L. Schaeffer has been in the eye care business for more than 30 years, and has acquired some of the most sophisticated ophthalmic equipment in the industry.

This video offers a comprehensive view of the new Schaeffer Eye Center, which provides extraordinary eye care. In addition to comprehensive testing, the professionals at Schaeffer Eye Center have 3300 frames to choose from—many of which are from some of the most stylish designers in the industry. Dr. Schaeffer and the Schaeffer Eye Center team also offer eye exams for children as young as six months old.  

To experience the level of care provided by Schaeffer Eye Center, feel free to contact us at our Hoover office, or request an appointment online for any of our 15 locations in Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery.

Spotlight on Dr. Woolfson

Dr. Woolfson

When you schedule an appointment at Schaeffer Eye Center, you can expect the most comprehensive eye care in the Birmingham area. One of our many services is LASIK eye surgery, which is performed by LASIK pioneer Dr. Jonathan Woolfson.

Dr. Woolfson graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and completed his residency at Emory University. He studied LASIK eye surgery in South Africa before the procedure was approved by the FDA, then returned to the U.S. to help others master LASIK surgery. He is a member of many prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Medical Association. Over his long and successful career, Dr. Woolfson has performed over 80,000 LASIK procedures, making him one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in North America. In fact, over 300 eye doctors have chosen Dr. Woolfson to perform their own LASIK surgeries. In addition, Dr. Woolfson has served as a national proctor, providing training and certification for more than 100 lasik surgeons.

To schedule a laser vision appointment, call our LaserVision office at the Colonnade or request a consult online. We offer outstanding eye care and an immense collection of stylish and sophisticated eyewear.

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