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Wide Selection of Eyewear

Fashionable Alabama Eyeglasses

When you first find out you need prescription eyeglasses, it may not be an exciting or welcomed revelation. However throughout the years, glasses have become much more fashionable and the available options have significantly grown. At Schaeffer Eye Center, we offer a wide selection of eyeglasses from a variety of designers. Our experienced team can assist you and may be able to find a pair that fits your personal taste and preferences.

We offer a wide selection of eyeglasses, including brands such as:

  • Cartier
  • Michael Kors
  • Oakley
  • Ray Ban
  • Robert Marc

Our staff would be happy to help you browse through our variety of eyewear options to find a pair that you like. After you've chosen your favorite pair, we'll use your prescription to put lenses in for you. Once we place the lenses in, you can enjoy your brand new fashionable pair of eyeglasses. Please make an appointment with us today by contacting us at 888-987-2020!